My PICS!!!!

Ok, so there was something wrong with my camera, the lighting and my mom decided to fix it last night.... Ok, so she got fustrated with it and said she would try again this morning. And you know what happened this morning? Well neither do I because all and I mean ALL my ANimE NoRth PICTURES of all the cute 'loli' clothes and my first lolita tea party  I happened to capture with my boyfriend are ALL gone! It figures....  The year I actually decide to make it my "point of duty" to take pictures, has all been eaten and swallowed by my blooming camera. Well, I guess there is always next year.... grrrr......
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totally anxious!!!!!

so i am ever so slowly getting used to my new house and now i have ripped out all the old carpet from the top floor..... (exhausted).^_^  waiting for the carpet installer guys to come tomorrow... in the mean time what is my mind filling up with?????...... sewing, Sewing, SEWING a  casual dress and mowing the backyard! i am such a old spinister..... all i need is a few dozen cats to feed.
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my intro

Name: Karen D.

Username: kareloli

Location: Oshawa, ONT

Personal Selling or Buying Feedback (links): Currently not selling anything but, buying skirts, tops and accessories would definitely interest me!

How did you find out about Lolita fashion?:  I first saw it in high school on the internet

How did you find out about this community?: I went to Anime North on the sunday and met with some of the  members from the "so_lolita" community after the lolita fashion tea party... EVERYONE was soooo sweet to me!

Your Style of choice: Casual, classic

Favourite Brand(s):  Victorian Maiden, Innocent World

What do you want to get out of this community, know, or learn? (optional): I have always wanted to join a community that are serious about making the time to meet up and have fun loli style! I love talking about fashion and sewing.... I am also open to useful tips to tweak up my sewing skills as well

the international lolita day

i have heard about this day, not sure exactly when it happens or if its only for exclusive lolitas only. but, i guess it would be a great opportunity to meet some canadian lolis! if anyone has any info on it could u send me a link for who organizes the event, please? Thanks in advance! -kareloli   ^_^